CosmicSister - Family Issues and Horoscope Reading - Nicaragua

CosmicSister - Family Issues and Horoscope Reading

CosmicSister - Family Issues, Horoscope Reading, Clairsentient in Nicaragua. Compatibility studies for partners and families, Readings about love / locations/healing/angels/investments/dealing with bosses employees and more...The animal spirit protectors reading which reveals your Kiche Mayan Tribal name, life path and life purp ATTENTION: I don't TYPE. I only Speak.Cost $5.99 per minute. If you have no Audio do not take me for a private reading because I DO NOT TYPE. I'm available only for people who can hear me speak. I use a pendulum to tell about: Love, Health, Career, People,Locations, Pets, Spirit World…*I do not say when you will meet anyone or when you'll get a job! I don''t say: when you will meet someone or get married. I do not give lotto numbers or say when things will happen. My gift is telling you how people feel, think and who they are and your path in life.... 19 years of experience in Nicaragua.

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